The Importance of Graphic Design to Online Printing

November 15, 2010

With the economic challenges facing the small business owner today, many of the “do it yourself” types are saving money by ordering their marketing materials through online printing services like While this can certainly help the pocketbook short term, there are some considerations that should be taken into account before you click the Enter button and submit your order. Do not be misled to believe that simply putting a company name and messaging on a page and having it printed is the best answer.

Online printing services offer affordable printing on a wide variety of products, from everyday needs like business cards and letterhead, to special marketing items such as brochures and door hangers and furthermore to even more complex materials such as detailed sales booklets and presentation folders. However, what many people don’t realize is how vital the role of graphic design plays in the effectiveness of their marketing materials. While saving money is certainly something we all like to do, saving money the smart way is even better. Online printing services such as understand this fact and they know how to create designs that customers and prospects respond to. By offering professional graphic design services along with competitive printing prices, they can help ensure that your marketing messages are delivered with maximum impact – and still fit into a tight budget.

A trained graphic designer knows how to use headlines to grab attention, and how to use contrasting elements such as scale, color and page position to direct attention to certain areas. Would you know where to place something in your brochure if you wanted it to be noticed? They also understand that they are not designing for themselves, but rather for the audience of a particular business. By understanding what those customers want and how they will best receive the information, the designer can create a piece with a cohesive theme that pulls everything together. Making sure that each element in the design supports the content and intended message is key to getting the most bang for your buck.

Matt Blanton of Printing Solutions points out that, “Combining effective graphic design with powerful content creates the best product. Graphic designers understand how to strategically place information in a marketing piece so that it has the maximum impact.” He also points out that using imagery is a very important graphic design technique, because images can help support the content and clarify the message.  Placement of images can also be used to direct the reader’s attention through the material, and alternatively to break up the content so it can be more easily absorbed.  Blanton says, “It’s also necessary to create a balance between the images and the content – too few images can be dull, while too many can overpower the focus of the message.”

The design team at Printing Solutions knows that color is another important consideration in graphic design for printed materials.  It’s been proven that many colors can elicit emotional or psychological responses.  Do you know what your colors are saying?  Blanton points out that, “colors should be used carefully, as the color scheme can affect readability and will direct the eye to various spots in the piece.”  A graphic designer understands the subtleties of color use, from the harmonious effect of a monochromatic scheme to knowing that warm colors appear closer to the reader while cool colors recede.

Graphic design can have a powerful positive effect on your marketing materials. By using the talents of an experienced professional when developing your branding strategy, you will ensure that your company’s vision is expressed in the most effective way. From your logo design and colors to the layout of brochures, posters, door hangers and other vital marketing pieces, the right design choices make all the difference in reaching your target audience.




Become Your Customer’s Best Friend- Give Them a Coupon

November 8, 2010

These days, everybody is looking for ways to save.  Coupon clipping is no longer just an age old trend, but something that lots of people are doing out of necessity.  As a customer, you know it never hurts to save a few dollars, and it always feels good to know you’re getting a bargain.  As a business owner, you have an opportunity to tap into the savings market and give your customers just what they’re looking for.

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Custom Printed Coupons Builds Customer Loyalty and Saves Money

Showcase School Events with Media Guides

October 11, 2010

Programs and media guides play an important role in school organizations from sports teams and booster clubs to theater and music performances.  These booklets serve not only as a way to raise funds through advertising, but as a way to showcase your organization and create a lasting memory book for the student participants and their families.

What is a play without a playbill?  A full color booklet can provide a program for your event, plus biographies of performers, information on the school as well as ads.  The advertising in a playbill can contribute significantly toward production costs.  Your organization can solicit local businesses that will benefit from the exposure to the attendees from the community, while allowing friends and family to show their support for performance participants by purchasing ad space for messages of love and support.

Teams and Booster clubs also see major benefits from media guides.  Player and team stats, season schedules, as well as biographies and photos of players and coaches are also featured.  Complete your media guide with weekly inserts featuring the roster of visiting opponents.  Again, ad space is a valuable way to support your school and team.   Much like a yearbook, these quality-printed booklets are a popular keepsake for students.

It’s important to create a quality media guide for your organization, and Printing Solutions offers 4-32 page booklets in full color and various size options.  All of our booklets feature saddle stitch binding, high quality 100# text paper stock and a choice of matte or gloss finish.  Our design team can help you with layout and incorporating photos and school logos and colors.



Printing Solutions Booklets

September 27, 2010

Booklets are one of the marketing strategies that have a bit more creative lee-way.  A more effective advertising technique, booklets can be used in a wide variety of ways depending on what you feel your customer base is looking for.

Many businesses use booklets as a way to increase the sales of a particular product or group of products.  Inside, consumers would find detailed information on your business and the products that your business offers.  Some businesses may even include added promotions like coupons to their booklets as a way of increasing revenue even further.

Others may choose to design their booklets more like guides or how-to manuals.  Microsoft, for example, recently released a booklet designed as a search engine marketing guide for customers looking to promote their own businesses.

If you’re looking to make your booklet a bit more fun and interactive, you might use a workbook template.  Along with interesting articles and FAQ’s, you may decide to add in a few brain-busting puzzles or quizzes to keep your target market on their toes.

No matter which design you go with, booklets are a great way of communicating with your clients in detail.  Small enough to carry or keep nearby, your company’s booklet can provide useful and important information about your business and / or its products and services.

At Printing Solutions Arizona, we offer saddle stitch binding and full color booklets made from 100# text paper stock.  We will even provide you with the option of customizing a 4-32 page catalog full of product information for reference and easy ordering.

From Playbills to full product catalogs, the opportunities for creative booklets are endless.  Let your professional personality shine and design a booklet that sends the right message for your company.

Plan for Your 2011 Corporate Custom Calendar Now!

September 20, 2010

Staying organized can be tough, especially when running a business.  There are meetings to keep track of, objectives to set and reach, and people to network with.  It can all seem a little overwhelming at times, which is why a custom calendar is the perfect marketing tool for the upcoming year.  Designing your own company calendar is a great way to give both existing and potential clients the idea that your business is creative, professional, and helpful.

With Printing Solutions Arizona, you’ll have the opportunity to highlight your business’ staff, products, or services and match them with unique artwork or photography.  Whether you plan to use them as a fundraiser or a free promotional item, your receiving market will appreciate the creative visual element and the usefulness of your calendars.

Your clientele will be able to use their calendars to keep track of their own schedules or to set their own business goals, and you’ll be keeping your business in plain sight every day of the year. In this sense, you’ll be building your brand visibility and securing a place in your client’s future.

We have a large variety of calendar sizes and color options available to choose from, and print all of our calendars in 100lb gloss with coating.  Our experienced and customer-friendly staff will be happy to help with creative ideas and designs like including printed reminders for service calls or for re-ordering products in your custom calendars.

It’s best to distribute your calendars before the current year ends and the new one begins, so get started now.  Your 2011 calendar can do more than just provide the date; it can establish a place in your customer’s business and provide useful, detailed information or motivational quotes.  The possibilities are endless.

Take Notes on a Notepad Designed and Printed by Printing Solutions Arizona

September 13, 2010

Have you ever found yourself on an important call, scrambling to find a pen and paper just so you can write down a quick message or phone number? This isn’t uncommon, especially in a busy office setting, which is why promotional notepads are a valuable marketing tool for any business.

Notepads can be used as promotional items for your marketing campaign or distributed around the office.  They’re designed to be useful, so they’re not something that people will just toss in the trash.  Notepads tend to have a staying power much greater than that of a postcard or a brochure and are often viewed as more than just a cut-rate marketing item because they are so functional.

A quality, custom notepad is a great takeaway for any potential and existing clients that can be used for weeks around the home or office.  Every time a note or quick memo is written down, people will be exposed to your company’s logo.  What’s even better is that people will often scribble a phone number or a quick message and then pass it along to someone else, so your company name is getting all the more distribution.

At Printing Solutions Arizona, you’ll find that we use only the highest quality paper available.  Anything too thin could tear and thicker paper tends to be too bulky.  You’ll also find an endless array of size options for your notepads.  Do you need a smaller notepad to distribute in goody bags, or something a little bigger to leave behind after a meeting?

We’ve also got an amazing staff standing by to help you with your design.  We’ll stay with you every step of the way to ensure that your notepads are printed to the highest quality and meet all of your business and personal standards, all without making a dent in your wallet.

Dental Practice Marketing with a Smile

September 6, 2010

As nice as it would be to open a practice with no assembly required, growing a business requires hard work and a good marketing strategy.  New doctors are popping up all the time, and the competition between dentists is always on the rise.   In order to keep your practice functioning successfully, it’s important to remember that your dental practice is still a business, and when it comes to marketing it needs to be treated as such.

Currently about 50 percent of the American population is not accessing dental care on a regular basis.  It’s not uncommon for people to fear the dentist’s office, or to simply procrastinate or deny that they need the annual check-up.  Newsletters are an especially great way to get the public comfortable with who you are.  Your professional profile can accompany client testimonials and success stories to really grab the attention of your target market and build your practice’s credibility.

Personalized newsletters and postcards are a great way to reach out to both individual clients and neighborhoods.  Color print postcards offer a creative way to advertise teeth-whitening services and results.  Having the before and after on the postcard may be what captures your next customer.  People also like having something that they can look at repeatedly and have up on their refrigerator ready for whenever they need it, so other promotional items like magnets and stickers are an effective way of keeping your practice in plain sight.

Creating a brand strategy for your practice is not only a great way to attract attention, but people will begin to recognize and remember your logo on any of the different promotional items you send.  By integrating products like personalized letterhead, envelopes, and business cards you’ll be creating an image for your practice and be better able to communicate the message that you want your business to send.

Using print products to help market your business will also give you a step up on the competition.  Providing promotional items to current and future clients shows that your practice is committed to its clientele and gives the impression that you are confident and established in the industry.  Reputation is everything, especially when it comes to attracting new patients.

When looking for a company to help with your marketing and printing needs, look for one that will provide you with quality products at a low cost.  You’ll have to spend some money, but remember that you’re making a worthy investment in your business’ future.  It is important to find a company that has built up its own reputation through excellent customer service and superior design services.

Some print businesses, like Printing Solutions Arizona, make the branding process less stressful with an easy-to-use online design tool and a design staff ready to help every step of the way.  They offer the best products for the lowest prices and tend to each individual client’s needs.  They’ll help you give the public what they want, and bring big business to your door, all with a smile.