The Importance of Graphic Design to Online Printing

With the economic challenges facing the small business owner today, many of the “do it yourself” types are saving money by ordering their marketing materials through online printing services like While this can certainly help the pocketbook short term, there are some considerations that should be taken into account before you click the Enter button and submit your order. Do not be misled to believe that simply putting a company name and messaging on a page and having it printed is the best answer.

Online printing services offer affordable printing on a wide variety of products, from everyday needs like business cards and letterhead, to special marketing items such as brochures and door hangers and furthermore to even more complex materials such as detailed sales booklets and presentation folders. However, what many people don’t realize is how vital the role of graphic design plays in the effectiveness of their marketing materials. While saving money is certainly something we all like to do, saving money the smart way is even better. Online printing services such as understand this fact and they know how to create designs that customers and prospects respond to. By offering professional graphic design services along with competitive printing prices, they can help ensure that your marketing messages are delivered with maximum impact – and still fit into a tight budget.

A trained graphic designer knows how to use headlines to grab attention, and how to use contrasting elements such as scale, color and page position to direct attention to certain areas. Would you know where to place something in your brochure if you wanted it to be noticed? They also understand that they are not designing for themselves, but rather for the audience of a particular business. By understanding what those customers want and how they will best receive the information, the designer can create a piece with a cohesive theme that pulls everything together. Making sure that each element in the design supports the content and intended message is key to getting the most bang for your buck.

Matt Blanton of Printing Solutions points out that, “Combining effective graphic design with powerful content creates the best product. Graphic designers understand how to strategically place information in a marketing piece so that it has the maximum impact.” He also points out that using imagery is a very important graphic design technique, because images can help support the content and clarify the message.  Placement of images can also be used to direct the reader’s attention through the material, and alternatively to break up the content so it can be more easily absorbed.  Blanton says, “It’s also necessary to create a balance between the images and the content – too few images can be dull, while too many can overpower the focus of the message.”

The design team at Printing Solutions knows that color is another important consideration in graphic design for printed materials.  It’s been proven that many colors can elicit emotional or psychological responses.  Do you know what your colors are saying?  Blanton points out that, “colors should be used carefully, as the color scheme can affect readability and will direct the eye to various spots in the piece.”  A graphic designer understands the subtleties of color use, from the harmonious effect of a monochromatic scheme to knowing that warm colors appear closer to the reader while cool colors recede.

Graphic design can have a powerful positive effect on your marketing materials. By using the talents of an experienced professional when developing your branding strategy, you will ensure that your company’s vision is expressed in the most effective way. From your logo design and colors to the layout of brochures, posters, door hangers and other vital marketing pieces, the right design choices make all the difference in reaching your target audience.




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